Director Profiles

  • Michael R. Lockley

    B.App.Sc. (Surv), M.I.S. (NSW)

    Michael is the founding Director of LTS Lockley and current group CEO.  He has over 30 years experience in all facets of surveying and provides hands-on expertise for client projects.  His skill base has been refined in a range of areas including complex Stratum and Strata Subdivisions, bringing long term relationships with major clients such as Kypreos Group, Meriton, Woolworths, Harvey Norman, Macquarie Bank and MacDonalds.  He has also worked on a number of large Government projects, including the Anzac Bridge and Sydney Olympic Park.

  • Damian J. Maguire

    B.Surv., M.I.S. (NSW)

    Damian has been with the firm since 1989 and became a Director in 1998.  Damian oversees many of the firm’s small to medium sized projects with a broad range of clientele including property developers, engineers and architects.  Damian is also responsible for Human Resources Management within the firm including management of survey party teams, staff training, recruitment and general HR strategy.

  • Joseph Monardo

    B.Surv., M.I.S. (NSW)

    Joe joined the firm in 1997 and became partner in 2004.  An experienced Registered Surveyor, Joseph has honed his skills on many large-scale projects involving construction and engineering surveys together with detailed Stratum and Strata titling of high-rise buildings. Joe is the Director responsible for all surveying and IT equipment as well as overseeing the firms Quality, Safety and Environmental program.

The three Directors are supported by a management team of professionals including General Manager, Tiffany Wagstaff, Registered Surveyors Glenn Cox,  Christopher Moyce, Matthew Smith, Jason Raic & Ashley Jelley and our CAD team Manager Hayley Lin.

Management Team Profiles

  • Tiffany Wagstaff – General Manager

    B.Comm. (Man)

    Tiffany commenced as the General Manager with LTS Lockley in 2015.  With more then 20 years experience in CFO & Practice Management roles, Tiffany is responsible for the overall management of the firm, including Finance, HR and General Operations.  She has a particular interest in managing human resource and developing process improvement strategies.

  • Glenn Cox – Registered Surveyor

    B.Surv. (Hons) M.I.S.(NSW)

    Glenn has been an Associate with the firm since 2007. He has managed large scale surveying projects for both public sector and corporate clients. Drawing on over 30 years of surveying experience in government and private sector employment, Glenn is responsible for managing and mentoring our younger surveyors whilst delivering survey projects on time and on budget.

  • Matthew Smith – Registered Surveyor

    B.Surv., M.I.S. (NSW)

    Matt is a Registered Surveyor and Survey Manager who has been with LTS Lockley for over 9 years.  Matt, while managing a wide variety of survey projects has particular expertise in large scale, complex Stratum & Strata Subdivisions, which enables him to provide innovative solutions to complex land titling matters.  Matt is also a valued member of our management team with particular interest in quality, safety & environmental management.

  • Jason Raic – Registered Surveyor

    B.Surv M.I.S. (NSW)

    Jason has over 14 years of experience in land surveying and has been with LTS since June 2014.  He is a Registered Surveyor and Survey Manager.  Jason has intricate knowledge of the State Government Legislation pertaining to land titling and provides expert advice and consultation in this area.  Jason manages a range of commercial and residential projects across all facets of surveying for a wide variety of clients.

  • Jack Idzikowski – Registered Surveyor

    Jack Idzikowski is a Registered Surveyor and Survey Manager.  Jack has a wealth of experience and expertise in Stratum, Strata and Staged Strata Subdivision, allowing him to devise unique land titling solutions tailored to the project needs.  He has also worked in an advisory capacity for Government agencies providing cadastral advice on major development projects such as Sydney Olympic Park.  Jack is meticulous about accuracy and quality in surveying and takes a keen interest in mentoring young surveyors to instill these qualities.

  • Scott Lord – Registered Surveyor

    Scott Lord is a Registered Surveyor and Survey Manager, who joined LTS in November 2015.  Scott manages a multitude of clients including high profile developers to large retailers and small residential clients.  Scott has particular expertise in greenfield subdivision, management of infrastructure projects, easement surveys and land titling matters.  He also has a keen interest in evolving technology in the surveying space and process improvement strategies pertaining to this.

  • Hayley Lin – CAD Manager

    Hayley has been with LTS for 6 years and now manages our Survey Drafting Team.  Hayley has preeminent technical ability in all facets of Survey Drafting, ensuring highest quality deliverables to clients at all times.  Hayley is also responsible for training and development of the drafting team.

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