LTS Lockley – Proudly Advocating Women in the Workplace!

LTS Lockley – Proudly Advocating Women in the Workplace!

Without question, Surveying is an industry which has historically been dominated by men.

As the General Manager of LTS,     I am delighted that we are leading the way forward in the Surveying industry and breaking down the barriers created with antiquated ideas of gender inequality.   This is most certainly not because I have some overtly zealous feminist approach, in fact the reality is quite the contrary, but rather because I have an inherent belief in the efficiencies to be gained in the work place from gender balancing.

Pragmatically, we are all here to contribute to the growth and success of the business, for the betterment of all.   The growth and success of the business will be founded on many key business principles, such as workplace culture, communication, staff morale, business reputation, staff turnover, broader strategic thinking and a wider talent pool.   Gender balancing will ensure these principles are met with greater success than a model that supports gender inequality and ultimately an egocentric workplace culture.

Five Girls

It’s interesting to note that currently:-

  • there are only 25 Female Registered Land Surveyors in NSW, being only 2.7% of the total number of Registered Land Surveyors.
  • there are only 13 Female Candidate Land Surveyors in NSW, being only 6.8% of total number of Candidate Land Surveyors.

While the % of Female Candidate Land Surveyors in NSW at 6.8% does show some increase in the number of female surveyors pursuing registration, there is certainly still a long way to go.

By way of  comparison, in our practice:-

  • Of our current 14 field parties, 5 of them are led by women, being 36% of total
  • We have one Female Registered Land Surveyor, which is significant given there are currently only 25 in total in NSW
  • We have one Female Candidate Land Surveyor, which is significant given there are currently only 13 in NSW

Of our senior management positons, two of them are held by women.  My own role of GM assumes overall responsibility for the day to day operation of the business and our CAD department is very ably managed by Hayley Lin, who manages a team of drafting staff and provides excellent mentorship to them all.

I am particularly proud of our approach to women at LTS.    Technical ability aside, they bring a level of professionalism & warmth, a heightened sense of social responsibility and a communication capability which provides valuable feedback in all facets of the business, allowing continued growth & development throughout.

Their approach to work is no-nonsense, modest & respectful, which is well liked by management both internally & externally and brings a refreshing change to what can often be a testosterone charged work site.

Agatha - White Shirt

Agatha works predominantly in the construction space.     The quality of her work, professional approach & work ethic has allowed her to build an outstanding rapport with both clients and subcontractors alike.    She particularly likes being an integral part of a development, being involved from inception through to completion and taking great pride in seeing the finished product.

Elaine Phot

Elaine White ShirtAside from being an excellent Surveyor, Elaine is a fantastic proponent of the surveying industry.  She consistently dedicates time ‘giving back to the industry’, representing our firm and the industry generally at trade fairs, talking to potential survey students at industry events etc.    She also has a keen interest in survey photography, highlighting the endlessly changing ‘view from the office’.   This being one of the key variables that attracted her to a career in surveying originally.

Libby White Shirt

Libby, holds the inaugural title of the first female Registered Surveyor at LTS, which is not an insignificant achievement.     She is leading the way on a number of our internal software development projects, with the implementation of new software solutions and taking a pivotal role in the trial for XML Strata Plans.       

Poppy & Georgia

Georgia & Poppy, have been working at LTS  as Graduate Surveyors since 2014, gaining valuable experience across all facets of land surveying.    Georgia is currently enrolled as a  Female Candidate Surveyor and we look forward to supporting her through the registration process.

Our experience with our female surveyors continues to be overwhelmingly positive.    We will continue to champion their cause and celebrate their success in our industry as we proudly advocate women in the workplace.



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