LTS Lockley provide services across many industry sectors including large scale commercial developers, government departments, small residential developers, architects, engineers, lawyers and construction project managers.


Identification Surveys

Identification surveys are often required by lending institutions or local government when boundary disputes may exist. The identification survey compares boundaries and other information contained in the Certificate of Title to any improvements to the land, encroachments by or upon the land or any breaches of easements, covenants and restrictions. Identification surveys are appropriate for both Torrens Title and old system land.

Peg-Out Surveys

Peg-out surveys are often required by property owners to establish a boundary for the purpose of new fencing or to ensure compliance and correct location of new improvements to the property. Peg-out surveys relate to all styles of land from residential through to industrial. A full, written report is provided to the client, complete with a diagram indicating the position and nature of marks placed.


Detail and Level Surveys (Topographical Surveys)

Detail and level surveys are designed to both identify the boundaries of the land and provide a land contour report for design purposes. This survey provides levels including existing site structures, features, trees and services inside the surveyed property as well as any relevant adjacent road reserve and adjoining remote information, such as adjoining facades, window locations, heights and other relevant features.

Public Utility Services Investigation

Electronic detection technology and potholing is used to augment existing “dial before you dig” data to accurately determine the location of public and private utility services. The detection of these services through site topographic surveys is proving to resolve issues early for project consultants.

Internal Building Floor Survey

Internal building floor surveys provide detailed Information of the internal structure features of a building, including floor and ceiling levels, wall and column positions as well as window and door openings.

Construction Setout Surveys

Construction setout surveys provide survey marks on a parcel of land allowing building personnel to accurately excavate and construct roads and other structures. The process involves reviewing the various critical site setout points on architectural and engineering plans, placement of survey marks and the production of a report indicating the location of these marks.

Work As Executed (As-Built Survey)

Work as executed surveys locate features of newly constructed facilities such as road, drainage, sewerage, water and electrical infrastructure. The location of the as-built components are overlaid on the approved building design and certified by a registered LTS Lockley surveyor for submission to an approving authority such as council, or Sydney Water. Work as executed surveys are uniformly required for everything from residential driveways through to large engineering subdivision and infrastructure projects.

Subdivision Development Applications and Approvals

Current legislation requires all land subdivision including some boundary adjustments to obtain development approval from local or state government. While some minor boundary adjustments are exempt, they do require the preparation of a subdivision certificate.  LTS Lockley provides a complete consultation service from instigation through the issue of subdivision certificates for developments of two-lot subdivisions through to large residential and industrial projects.

Land Title Registration (ePlan and Manual Lodgements)

LTS Lockley can arrange lodgement, management of process as well as consultation with registered proprietors and mortgagees through to the issue of new titles. We are registered with Land and Property NSW for the electronic lodgement of all survey plans

Project Title Management

LTS Lockley provides a full project title management service from preparation, lodgment of DA’s, management of DA conditions—including water authorities, electricity authorities and Telstra—and preparation of subdivision certificate application, through to LPI lodgment and issue of new titles. Titling Management is available from two-lot residential subdivisions through to large broad acre subdivision and industrial estates.

Expert Witnesses for Court Proceedings

LTS Lockley expert witness reports and consulting services are used in court proceedings pertaining to matters of survey plans and boundary definition.

Land Subdivision

All land subdivisions require the expertise of surveyors who are registered by the Board of Surveyors in New South Wales, Queensland, ACT and Victoria. All LTS Lockley surveyors are licenced and registered to provide plans and documents in accordance with the requirements of these bodies. Land subdivision ranges from simple two-lot residential and commercial subdivisions through to complex subdivisions incorporating three dimensional mixed-use developments.

Stratum/Volumetric Subdivision

LTS Lockley prides itself as an industry leader in the stratum subdivision of complex multi-use sites. Stratum subdivision requires interpretation of architectural plans for the preparation of draft documents suitable for pre-sale and development application purposes.  LTS Lockley works with the clients’ architects and solicitors to develop a full range of documents from the stratum/volumetric plan, including building management statements, 88B instruments and shared cost documents. LTS Lockley can provide a full service from the inception of the project through to the registration and issue of new titles.

Strata Surveys

Strata titling is the subdivision of individual dwellings, or units, in a building to allow multiple ownership within the complex. In this area, LTS Lockley provides innovative solutions including vertical staging, stage strata and part strata solutions. We also provide draft documents suitable for DA applications and issue of pre-sale contracts. We work in conjunction with the client, lawyers and architects to provide an overall solution through to the issue of final certificates of title.

Community Title Subdivisions

Community title is a relatively new form of titling in NSW which provides for standard lot subdivision and shared ownership of a community facility. It is suitable for the development of small residential through to large residential and industrial estates. LTS Lockley is a leader in this area having been involved in a variety of projects including the Waterfront at Homebush Bay, Balmain Cove and Auburn Business Park, plus many smaller community title schemes. LTS Lockley’s expertise can be engaged from the inception of the project, including draft plans suitable for development approval and pre-sales contracts, through to the issue of titles.

Commerical Lease Surveys

Retail and commercial leasing area surveys provide for the measurement of a lettable area of tenancies. These include NLA, GLA and GLAR within commercial and retail complexes.  Lettable areas are based on Property Council of Australia (PCA) guidelines. LTS Lockley can provide expert advice, interpretation of the guidelines and draft documents for pre-lease commitments for all tenancies including small office space, retail and warehouse complexes.

GIS and Data Capture

As the government and commercial sector embraces geographic information systems (GIS), the need for accurate and appropriate input of data is essential. LTS Lockley provides data capture to many organisations including New South Wales Education, New South Wales TAFE, golf courses, high schools, universities and hospitals. We can provide input to ensure the comprehensive and economic capture of data including photo compilation of data sets, satellite imagery, photo contour and the digital cadastral database.


LTS Lockley is equipped with the latest state of the art survey equipment and is able to provide monitoring and defamation surveys. We can plan suitable monitoring surveys, environmental surveys, rural surveys, 3D laser scanning, as well as infrastructure surveys for railways and drainage, bridges, track alignment, tunnels etc.

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